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Book Review at Pure Textuality: Book News, Reviews, & Everything In Between

Thank you to Chelsey at Pure Textuality for her review of After Dawn, posted today at

Here's a snippet: "After Dawn was a really big departure for me. Though I am known to read a lot of paranormal romance, it’s never been quite like this. I really enjoyed the story a lot and once I got started, the tale was continually drawing me back in. What worked really well in this story was the interactions between Aurora and her family, and Aurora and her friends. You get a really intimate picture of who she is as a person and how she deals with the stress and sadness that begins to flow through her life. When Aurora gets sick, it’s often hard to read about, mostly because it’s so deeply personal and real. You get a very vivid sense of how horrible it is to be struck with an illness, but also that deep and strong desire as a person to conquer that illness and regain your normal life."

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